Year 7 Bushranger Activity

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Year 7 Bushranger Activity

This year we have deliberately tried to make our 7/8 Library lessons playful as well as educational, in an effort to give our boys many positive experiences with books, reading and libraries. This week our Year 7 boys have been having lots of fun dressing up as bushrangers and videoing each other in ‘Wanted’ posters, as part of their unit on Heroes and Villains. We also wanted to focus on the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

A selection of  jackets, waistcoats, cravats, hats, beards and moustaches was laid out on a table as the boys arrived then, working in pairs, one boy dressed up as a bushranger, while the other became the camera man, using the Funny Movie Maker app on an iPad.

In preparation for the lesson we had made up two short scripts about John Donahoe (aka The Stripper), and Francis McNeish McCallum (aka Captian Melville) for the ‘bushranger’ to read from. This information, briefly outlined each bushranger’s life and why he was wanted by the police, and helped to reinforce the idea that non-fiction books are full of interesting facts and true events.

We had also saved a couple of blank ‘Wanted’ posters into the photos app on the iPads. Using Funny Movie Maker the camera man selected one of these, snipped out a section for the bushranger’s face, and then videoed him saying why he was wanted by the law.

The boys were highly engaged and thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and acting out. Some even put on the most amazing accents as they read their scripts.