The eXchange

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The eXchange

An exciting new development for our Library this term is the launch of The eXchange, both a fluid space (LC309, the Forum, the Learning Commons) and a concept (an exchange of ideas, skills, thoughts, knowledge, concepts, designs and innovations). In this space we plan to run workshops, tutorials and demonstrations; encourage discussions, questioning and thinking big; and provide opportunities for playing, creating and innovating with maker space activities.

Cathy Collins, in her blog post STEM and the School Library: A Marriage that Makes Sense says, “School library programs are in a unique position to play a key role in STEM education and to serve as powerful hybrid spaces for STEM learning. The many hats that school librarians currently wear in schools, from information specialist to instructional partner and technology integrator/coach, position media specialists as natural allies and supporters of STEM education. Library media programs offer an ideal informal learning space for students to engage in STEM topics.”

Banners 1We have joined forces with our Dean of Teaching Development to use the space as a venue for promoting great teaching ideas in the Teacher eXchange; we are sharing the space with our Year 12 Academic Support team as they tutor other students; the Quadcopter Crew have been building a drone there; and recently a Year 12 student ran a workshop showing how to build your own PC. We are now looking forward to a parent, Brian Ruddle, talking about his company Impact Innovation Group, and later this week we are running a session on how to write a top-quality CV.  These are just the beginning, and we look forward to many great sharing and learning opportunities happening here.

Banners 2This week on LinkedIn  Jake Van Rensburg, CEO & Director at 6 Sigma Phoenix Trust, wrote, “Ultimately, children from each generation should keep their imaginations primed to create new ideas and to develop different ways to meet the changing world around them. Parents, teachers and adults in general should do their best not to limit children and their creativity. They should help as many children as possible to come up with big ideas and innovations that will meet the challenges of the future.”

Keep an eye on our Library homepage to find out about all the exciting activities scheduled for The eXchange.