Step Into a Book!

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Step Into a Book!

For Open Day this year, Miss Smith created some amazing banners of much-loved books for the steps near each of our three libraries. These included the book title and author, an image of the cover, and a quote from the author about reading or a quote from the book about reading or life in general.

Mr Hills then spent hours laminating and cutting them out, and our 7/8 Book Club boys gave up their lunchtime to put these up for us. They looked fabulous and we received many positive comments from the boys, the teachers and the visitors.

Sadly, the banners on the Centenary Library and Middle School Library steps did not attach well to the concrete and started to fall off, creating a safety hazard. However, due to their popularity, we’ve decided to have them re-printed on weather-proof vinyl and attached more securely so everyone can enjoy them again.

(A big thanks to the staff at St Rita’s Library for this idea)