The First Library Legend — the Legendary Mr Timms

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The First Library Legend — the Legendary Mr Timms

“Last Friday, the school launched its first Library Legends session with the lovable character, Mr Timms, Head of Year Nine, discussing his preferred readings from his childhood to the present day. When he was in his early years, he buried himself in books by Enid Blyton, while now he likes to devour Empire magazines.

At the beginning of the presentation, Mr Timms recalled his childhood memories of reading books by Enid Blyton, and talked about her Famous Five series in particular, picking out parts of the third book, Five Run Away Together, to read to us as an example of her style of writing. Furthermore, he claimed that Enid Blyton was the “J.K. Rowling” for kids, before the Harry Potter series was written. I quite agree with him since, after reading a couple of books in her Secret Seven series, I discovered that through her simple, easy-to-understand style of writing, she delivers vivid descriptions and exciting actions embedded with deep, important messages. After that, Mr Timms recollected memories of his early years when he with his brother and cousins pretended to be the Famous Five (though at the time they did not own a dog), seeking out exhilarating adventures and fun. At other times, he waltzed around his ‘haven’ — a colossal, thickly-rooted Moreton Bay fig, where he would climb the large branches to read more of the Famous Five.

Next, Mr Timms told us about the books his three boys like to read. One of them loves to read books like the Percy Jackson series, while his two other boys like books about sports such as cricket. He also told us that he encourages his boys to read for at least 20 minutes at night before sleep, which is good since research shows that reading benefits sleep.

These days Mr Timms enjoys reading Empire, a British film magazine published monthly by Bauer Consumer Media, consisting of film reviews, movie news, and interviews. On Sunday mornings, he likes to plop a physical copy of the newspaper in front of himself (earth-shatteringly not on any type of modern 21st century technology), while he clutches a warm cup of coffee in his hand.

Mr Timms concluded his fabulous presentation by giving us numerous useful quotes about books in general. He is a truly wonderful Library Legend, and there will be more fun and interesting presentations like his awaiting you in the future.”

By Yicheng Zhu 8C