How to Build Your Own PC

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How to Build Your Own PC

One of the first activities in The eXchange this term was a hands-on workshop, ‘How to Build Your Own PC,’ run by one of our Year 12 students. Using his own PC, which he had brought in to school, he stripped it down, then re-built it with the younger boys watching and assisting. As he did this, he explained what each component did, how each was connected, and how they could adjust their own computers to maximise performance.

Feedback from the younger boys was very positive:

  • ‘This afternoon really helped. We learnt how to build a PC and we also learnt what parts to use.”
  • “This was a fascinating experience as I have never had the opportunity to take apart and construct a computer.”
  • “It was very enjoyable and was explained very clearly.”

While 10 boys were able to attend the workshop, 18 more were on the waiting list, proving how popular this session was. We will definitely consider offering it again in the future.