Get on board the MS Bookopoly Competition

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Get on board the MS Bookopoly Competition

Last week the Middle School libraries were very excited to announce the commencement of the Bookopoly Reading Challenge!

Running until week 7 this challenge will see form classes reading together while they move around an extra special Bookopoly Board.  As a form class they will compete for the chance to become the champions of Bookopoly for 2021.

A giant Bookopoly board is currently located in each Middle School library as well as a regular sized version in student classrooms. Every Friday the libraries will conduct an official dice rolling ceremony and each form class will land on a square on the Bookopoly board with brand new task.  Each student or teacher who completes this task will score a point for their class. Participants can read as much as they would like but each time they finish a book they must then complete a book review from the link on the Bookopoly Libguides page in order to gain their point.

Already this challenge has encouraged many excited conversations about what students, parents and teachers are currently reading.

Please contact your friendly teacher librarians if you have any questions. You can follow along with student progress on the BGS libraries webpage and Instagram. Good luck to everyone and happy reading!

 Dani Smith

Teacher Librarian

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