Epic Adventures in the Land of Remorse

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Epic Adventures in the Land of Remorse

Last week, eight of our Year 7 boys were involved in a collaborative writing workshop with Year 7 students from three other schools.

Together, they were tasked by the Supreme Sorceress (aka author Kirilee Barker), to embark upon a perilous quest in the Land of Remorse (aka The Roma Street Parklands) to defeat a monstrous evil which had been threatening the land and terrorizing its inhabitants.  According to ancient prophecies, four young people together would be able to defeat the monster, but only if they combined their strengths and powers.

Each group of adventurers rotated through eight different immersive activities, to spark their imaginations with ideas to write into their stories. Each group then came up with a shared story-line and setting, at a day-long writing workshop, and now each student will write their own character’s fantasy story about defeating the evil stalking the land.

After reading their accounts of the journey on a shared wiki, the Supreme Sorceress will summon the adventurers one last time as she rewards them for their resourcefulness and writing skills.

Read more about our Spring Hill Young Writers Workshop which has been operating now for six years.

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