Daily Archives: February 3, 2017

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Game on! Learning about the Centenary Library

At the beginning of every year, Year 7 learns about the Centenary Library.  This year we played a game called Library Smarts to help us learn about the library and its offerings.  With the help of Grumpy Cat cards and Grammar Man cards we created a set of ‘rules and behaviours’, and found out some information about library opening and closing times, where to go to borrow pens and find scrap paper, good habits, behaviours and the names of the staff.

We all worked together to master various missions from the game board in the allocated time. There was a winner at the end!  We moved around the library, armed only with an iPad to record a quick catalogue search for the correct Fiction or Non Fiction book, or to find the correct magazine, while our Team Commanders kept the pace fast, lively and on track.