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On Friday 12 August Brisbane Grammar School hosted TEDxYouth@BGS – a student-driven TEDx event providing a platform for thinkers, visionaries, and learners to inspire and be inspired by others.  The theme was Moving Forward and saw speakers and performers from BGS, Brisbane Girls Grammar School, and other external high profile guests, cover a diverse range of topics collectively aimed at creatively improving the future.
Year 12 BGS students presented a miriad of fantastic talks on a variety of topics.  Harry warmed up the crowd through an incredible musical performance, demonstrating the evolution of the guitar in a performance spanning five different guitars.  Ethan spoke about his passion for closing the gap for Indigenous people, ahead of a moving didgeridoo performance by fellow student Dylan.
In a brilliant speech, Xavier  challenged the concept of heroism, revealing some unbelievably callous and brutal acts by figures glorified as heroes in history books. Sachin showed potential as a future physicist, exploring hidden dimensions and looking back at the works of Theodor Kaluza and Albert Einstein before looking to the future.  Year 9 student Keng  added some comedic value to the event, reading his hilarious poem A-.
In amongst the speeches and performances by BGS students were thoughtful speeches by BGGS students Penny on the importance of the arts, and Rosie on the failed war on drugs. Penny was joined by Lucinda for a poem looking at pop culture, ahead of a string quartet performance by Chanelle, Fiona, Cherie, and Min.
The external speakers left their impact on the audience, covering topics including the use of drones and emerging technologies, molecular bioscience and antibiotic hunters, understanding the brain and deep brain stimulation, the importance of literacy, and moving Queensland forward.
  • To see the full list of speakers and their bios click here.
  • To see the speakers presentations on the TEDx YouTube channel click here.
What is a TEDx event: TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design – three areas collectively shaping the future. TED curates an annual conference to share ideas worth spreading and has a global audience. TEDx events are independently organised TED-like events aiming to generate meaningful conversations, inspire innovation locally, and share ideas worth spreading.  TEDx events are recorded and available for viewing online by a large global audience.

Article taken from the BGS News and Events page. 


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Middle School Science Week 2016

The Library staff joined forces with the Science Department to celebrate Science Week last week. In a very busy schedule, boys and staff took time out to play with and reflect on the use of Technology in STEM, in particular autonomous technology with the theme being Drones, Droids and Robots. Middle School boys were the main target audience and droid races between Darth Vader, R2D2 and Yoda took centre stage one lunchtime. It was fantastic to see the excitement on the faces of the boys as they tried to race their droid to the finish line first. Much hilarity ensued as droids went off track and intercepted each other.

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One of our Science teachers, Mr Scott Jones, led two sessions; one for Middle School boys and one for Senior School boys. The topic was Top 1-0 Countdown: Superpowers you Could Acquire in your Lifetime. There was also a trivia quiz for boys in Years 7 and 8 with prizes awarded to the top team. Boys in years 5 and 6 took part in a Science in Action event where they built their own hover board CDs using balloons, glue, bottle tops and CDs.

An undoubted highlight was the Robotics Expo in Centenary Library. This showcased the exceptional work that some of our students are doing in this field. There was even a drone which people could attempt to make fly.This joint partnership between the Science Department and the BGS Libraries is valued by both sides and we look forward to continuing its development in the future.

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Olympic fever hits the Middle School Libraries!

In celebration of the upcoming Rio 2016 Games both Middle School Libraries have been running a series of Olympic themed activities in the past few weeks. The first week of Term 3 saw the Centenary Library students harnessing their creative skills to make a olive wreath for their heads.  These came in all shapes and colours and looked fantastic when finished.  The Middle School boys had the opportunity to make their very own Olympic Torch complete with flames which proved to be a very popular activity.  The activity was made complete with a session of slow motion running with the finished products which was a lot of fun.   Years 5 and 6 boys were also treated to a screening of Rio over a number of lunchtimes.

The final event was making Olympic Torch Cupcake Cones where boys assembled cake, ice-cream cones, icing and roll ups to make edible torches. This was an extremely popular activity with boys wishing to make more than one. For some boys it was their first experience of piping icing which was both fun and messy!  With the Games beginning on the weekend, the boys are now enjoying watching the Games in their break times. Go Australia!!


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Visitors from QUT experience BGS Emerging Technologies programs

Today we have had an opportunity to share Brisbane Grammar’s progress with Emerging Technologies with QUT Primary training teachers. The group of 40 students were keen to experience hands on, and see the boys enjoying new technologies, and had travelled from as far as Caboolture campus and overseas campuses to join us.

Tara Richmond, Acting HOD D&T and Debbie Hunter, Teaching and Learning Librarian met with the group before a Lunchbox Club session, and then the students were invited to join in the lunchtime meeting with the boys. The Year 7 and 8 boys were happy to share what they were doing, and explain what technologies they were using to get the job done.  Lecturer Dr Michelle Mukherjee, Lecturer in Digital Learning and Science Education and Co-ordinator of BEd. Primary Program, was pleased to be able to show her third year students the levels of engagement and enthusiasm generated by this style of learning.

Tara and Debbie conducted a professional conversation that targeted the challenges, comparisons and differences between the classroom curriculum and a Maker Space environment in implementing these intense activities.   We look forward to a follow up visit from a new group of trainee teachers to further showcase our activities.