Daily Archives: June 11, 2015

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Grumpy Cat Arrives at Centenary Library

The Centenary Library has just adopted a new mascot!  His name is Grumpy Cat and he is being made feel very welcome.  He has sat with students as they’ve done their homework or read a book with them and has even had a car made out of Magformers for him.

Grumpy Cat will be representing the Brisbane Grammar Libraries on the new Library Instagram account, which you can find at the following link.  He will be promoting the new books that have arrived and activities that are running throughout the libraries.


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Year 5 Live Key Production

During May, all of our Year 5 went on an excursion to St Helena Island to learn about some of Queensland’s colonial history.  The students had a very enjoyable and informative day, but their experience didn’t end there.  For the past few weeks since the excursion, the Year 5 students have been hard at work in pairs, writing scripts for a tourism promotion for St Helena Island Prison.  They have selected various shots of the previously filmed scenes, and included these in their scripts when they wanted them appear within their advertisement.  This week they visited the Centenary Library, which was turned into a studio complete with a chroma key screen, lights and and teleprompter. The boys then eagerly created their videos  while the rest of their classmates were able to see the finished composite on the screens around the library.


 It was a very engaging activity and the boys loved being instantly transported back to the island.   While each group presented, a fellow student controlled the speed of the teleprompter; some of the boys even had time to learn the live chroma key software and control the media and camera themselves.   This activity introduced many of the students to a new set of ICT skills, and gave them a better understanding of the ‘magic’ that takes place behind the scenes of TV programs.  The boys all left with a finished video product that could be played back in their classroom setting.


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Year 10 Design & Technology – Elective Showcase 2015

By Ms Liane Baker-Martin & Mr Jamie Foulger

This year saw the first cohort of year 10 students who have chosen to study Design and Technology as an elective. We welcomed 180 boys who began their journey by representing themselves as freelance designers.

Their first project “Image is Everything” required the production of a logo/brand that reflected their perceived core ideals concerning design thinking and designer philosophy. This gave them an early opportunity to participate in creative, innovative and imaginative design problem solving tasks and analysis.

This logo/brand was then set in place to be the sticker, label, watermark and marketing tool for all artefacts and documents as the year progressed.

After this initial setup as ‘designers’, students were tasked to create a product that integrated the concepts of “Flat Pack” design. The purpose was to be simple, capable of storing, holding or protecting some form of personal office equipment. Their final product was purely a conceptual prototype, laser formed in card and then in coloured corflute as a working model (of course branded with a sticker of their logo).

A built environment project ensued, “The Estate” which saw boys working as freelance designers in design groups. A team of four students acted as design consultants with the control over four allocated housing blocks within a new housing development. It was during this process where they had to listen, communicate, consult via minuted meetings and ascertain the best design solutions for their allocated land plots. Conceptual drawings communicated the intended outcomes for the group which were superimposed into an entire class model of the estate.

The year still has more experiences to unfold, minimalist product designs perchance, a possible cultural issue or opportunity to be resolved……let’s see what happens.

We are very proud of our students and their insightful conversations, conceptual ideas and trust in undertaking this new course and look forward to seeing how the year progresses.