Your Next Read

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Your Next Read

Our Middle School students were part of an exciting new reading initiative this week with the first session of “Your Next Read”. Year 12 student Josh Jarrah and Library Technician Mr Hills visited the Middle School Library at lunchtime on Monday to share their favourite reads from their own younger days. Both guests spoke about their books and read excerpts from them, much to the delight of the group of attendees.

Josh spoke about the Bartimaeus sequence, beginning with The Amulet of Samarkand. He has only recently reread the series after enjoying it years ago. Although the story is of a 12- year-old boy who has stolen an amulet from a powerful magician, he described it as being very funny. At the conclusion, Ryan, one of our Year 5 boys was able to share with Josh the new version of the book as a graphic novel.

Mr Hills shared his love of Terry Pratchett by introducing the boys to the Tiffany Aching series by reading a section of The Wee Free Men. Boys were laughing out loud. Mr Hills said that Terry Pratchett books are very funny but deal with serious topics and are great for intelligent readers.

More of these sessions will take place in the libraries during the course of the year.