Peanut Gallery Films

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Peanut Gallery Films

To link in with Hugo Cabret, the book our Year 7s are studying this term, the boys have been playing this week with black and white movies.

First, we watched Georges Melies silent movie A Trip to the Moon, and reflected on the way the exaggerated movements of the characters and the music help to set the tone.  Then we moved on to adding ‘intertitles’ to old black and white movie clips, using a Google Chrome Experiment website, Peanut Gallery Films.

The boys had to choose a movie clip, speak to activate it, watch it once and then speak to add text to the clip the second time they watched it. This website uses a Chrome speech-to-text API and, while it didn’t always pick up exactly the right words, the boys had a lot of fun playing with it.

A big thanks to Shannon Miller for showing us this website.  Other information about Hugo Cabret can be found on our Library website.