Ms Verdon is our ‘Library Legend’ for Term 2!

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Ms Verdon is our ‘Library Legend’ for Term 2!

Last week the Centenary Library was witness to a real treat when Head of Year 7, Ms Verdon, visited at lunch on Friday to become our ‘Library Legend’ for Term 2.  Students gathered around in the center of the library to hear from Ms Verdon the reasons why she loved reading so much, and the books that she grew up with.  A real highlight was when she discussed one of her favourite novels as a young girl, ‘The Silver Brumby‘ series, and then showed the students pictures of her own white horse. The similarities were quite amazing!  She then read some pages from ‘The Philosophy Files‘ which the boys really enjoyed and which generated some very interesting discussions.  We have already had two requests for a copy of the book to be purchased for the Centenary Library!

Members of our ‘Inside Story’ Book Club have described Ms Verdon’s talk as interesting and different and they liked the wide variety to of books she presented.  Year 8 member, Oliver, had this to say:

‘Ms Verdon’s talk on Friday the 13th was a very intriguing talk about her interest in books and, in particular, ‘The Philosophy Files’. When she read parts of the book we were all intrigued. Then she said, “Philosophy does not answer question but rather creates more”. This was an excellent talk.’ – Oliver, Book Club Member

Thank you to all who attended and a big thank you to Ms Verdon for taking time out of her day to join us in the library and share some of her enthusiasm for reading with the students. It was wonderful to be a part of this event.