Welcome to the updated Brisbane Grammar School Library Blog where we showcase the many and varied activities that are happening in our three libraries each week – Senior (Years 9-12), Centenary (Years 7-8) and Middle School (Years 5-6).

Our libraries are busy and dynamic learning spaces with strong reading and information skills programs and a strong emphasis on collaboration and group work.  They are very much a vital and integral part of the school, with numbers through the Senior Library doors increasing from 1100/day in 2013 to 1400/day in 2014.

Our Library web pages provide a wealth of information for students and parents; you can also follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

As well as providing a wonderful book and eBook collection, media support and equipment the library staff run a number of clubs from the libraries ranging from Book Clubs, Strategic Games and Maker-Spaces.



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Cathy Oxley

(Director of Information Services)

Vicki Palmer

(Teacher Librarian)

Dani Smith

(Teacher Librarian)

Sam Russell

(Digital Media Specialist)

David Hills

(Library Technician)

Bernadette van den Hout

(Library Technician)