Harmony Day

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Harmony Day

Boys in the Middle School had the opportunity to celebrate Harmony Day on Monday with a range of games and activities on offer in the Middle School Library.

There was a multitude of boys who took up the offer and it was pleasing to see so many boys wanting to engage with the principles behind Harmony Day, a day where we recognise that everyone belongs.

A popular activity was the trivia competition which took the form of an online Kahoot! This enabled boys to work individually or in small teams to answer multiple choice questions on topics relating from car brands and countries of origin to questions about our own country’s multicultural composition. It was a lot of fun and boys were highly competitive. Another activity gave boys the chance to design a mask by scratching off the black coating to reveal colours beneath. These masks emphasised the idea that while we may all look different, in many ways underneath we are all the same.

Other crossword puzzles and guessing competitions rounded out the busy lunchtime.

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