BGS Boys Shine at BWF

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BGS Boys Shine at BWF

Last Thursday three of our Year 8 boys had the honour of introducing authors at Word Play, the part of the Brisbane Writers Festival just for school students. They were part of a group of 30 keen and enthusiastic Year 7 and 8 boys who thoroughly enjoyed the day at the Qld State Library.

Brenton McKenna, introduced by Matthew, was an instant hit with his easy-going warmth and friendliness. His series, Ubby’s Underdogs, were the first Indigenous graphic novels published in Australia. The second author, Christine Bongers was introduced by Tom, and she spoke about the effectiveness of using real life experiences in her writing. She held the audience captivated with stories from her childhood.

Our third session with highly acclaimed international authors Cassandra Claire and Holly Black was highly anticipated by the boys, and Angus did an amazing job of introducing them.  The first book in their Magisterium series, The Iron Trial, was one of our Readers Cup books this year, and the boys were very excited to be able to purchase the second book, The Copper Gauntlet. 

Nadeesh 7D –

“The Brisbane Writers Festival was an amazingly inspiring place to go for young writers and readers. As soon as our group got off the bus we were given bags to store our items in and a box for our lunch. Next we went to a speech called My Life In Cartoons by Brenton E McKenna, the author of the first indigenous graphic novel, Ubby’s Underdogs. After this we had a short break in which we bought some books and talked about Mr McKenna’s speech. After this we went to another speech by Christine Bongers which was very humorous. Afterwards we were allowed to ask some questions from Ms Bongers’ books. After this we had lunch. Then we went to a speech by some award winning authors, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.  After this we had a book signing with these 2 authors. Then we went home with half a period of school left.”