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Year 8 students fully ‘immerse’ themselves in Science Fiction

Every year during the Year 8 Science Fiction unit students find themselves visiting a world of mysterious water, strange towns people and a tower whose powers cannot be explained.  Upon entry into the library boys are read an award winning tale by their teacher librarian titled The Watertower.  Written by Gary Crew and illustrated by Steven Woolman, this story follows two young men as they visit the local water tower in their small outback town for a swim one hot summers day.  What starts out as an innocent dip in the cool waters begins to take a strange and ominous turn when one of the boys returns to town to collect some clothes leaving Bubba alone at the tower.  After listening to the story students are tasked with the job of working in groups as detectives to find out what might have occurred.  Steven Woolman has gone into great detail to leave clues throughout the book in his illustrations for the audience to discover.

Once the classes have shared their predictions, questions and discoveries they are treated to the surprise of a sequel story Gary and Steven created years later.  Without giving away the secrets of The Watertower,  one of the main elements of this story centres around the substance ‘aqua pura’ which just might hold the answer to everything.  As students leave at the conclusion of the lesson they are excited to find out that the library has sourced some of this ‘aqua pura’ for them to try.  The bravest in the class, those who try this drink on their way out, may even discover one last clue in the cup before they leave.