2020 Photography Competition

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2020 Photography Competition

On Friday the winners of the annual Photography Competition were announced. With so many outstanding submissions it was a very difficult decision for the judges.

Congratulations the three winning entries!

Middle School Winner: Arnav

Japan’s Culture – I have chosen this picture because it shows Japan’s people and it’s culture. In Japanese culture the lamp symbolises light to help one spiritually in finding the way when faced with darkness (difficulties). That is why lamps are such a common feature in every Japanese temple.

Senior School Winner: Jasper (Jasper won last year in the Middle School category also!)

Light and Dark – My photo depicts the Nakesendo Highway cutting through a forest in Japan. The Emperor during Feudal Japan would be carried by his servants the near 600 km from Kyoto to Tokyo along this highway. This photo shows the forests around the trail that highway robbers used to hide in before attacking the Emperor and his convoy.

Staff Winner: Deb

Solace – After days of navigating through a city of Beijing, every street, every train, every bus, every road, every restaurant, every monument, every temple swarms with thousands of citizens and tourist but as I turned back for one last look through the tunnel to Tiananmen Square there was just one man standing guard into the Forbidden City.  For a split second it was a sense of quiet and solace.

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