Daily Archives: August 14, 2018

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Library on the Lawn

Excited Year 5 boys donned their book character costumes, grabbed their favourite books and headed to the inaugural Library on the Lawn event recently. The event, held on the Boarders’ Lawn, was planned to provide an opportunity for boys to engage with reading in a different way from our usual Library lessons.

Guest author Samantha Wheeler visited and spoke to the boys about her books which are adventure stories based around an iconic Australian animal. She inspired the audience with her passion for the environment and her desire to help preserve our native animals. She thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet our students and hear about their reading habits and costumes. Samantha said she was impressed with the enthusiasm with which they shared their books.

In addition to listening to Samantha’s address and asking questions, boys took part in a book trivia quiz, shared their chosen stories and ate cupcakes. It was a most successful event and one that will surely be remembered by boys and staff for a long time.

Special mention must be made of the teachers who also got into the spirit and dressed up. Their support for this event was outstanding.

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Chopstick Challenge

Our second annual Chopstick Challenge, with students and teachers racing each other down opposite sides of a table while picking up small objects with chopsticks, was a great way to wind down on a Friday afternoon and a lot of fun!  The Year 12 SRB boys organised the event to promote multiculturalism at BGS, and Ms Chan, our highly enthusiastic MC, did a fantastic job calling the races. Each round became progressively harder as contestants had to pick up dice, marbles, lollipops, Lego bricks, coins, Tic Tacs, paper clips and individual staples, then use their chopsticks to throw a paper ball into a container.


Mr McClatchy, good sport that he is, was there for entertainment value! What he lacked in skill he almost made up for with blue tack on the end of his chopsticks!!  However, he was no match for Benji, who kept his cool under pressure and managed to overtake our reigning champion, Mr Howes.  While disappointed that he missed out on a hat full of chocolates, Mr Howes was nevertheless gracious in defeat.