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Epic Adventures in the Land of Remorse

Last week, eight of our Year 7 boys were involved in a collaborative writing workshop with Year 7 students from three other schools.

Together, they were tasked by the Supreme Sorceress (aka author Kirilee Barker), to embark upon a perilous quest in the Land of Remorse (aka The Roma Street Parklands) to defeat a monstrous evil which had been threatening the land and terrorizing its inhabitants.  According to ancient prophecies, four young people together would be able to defeat the monster, but only if they combined their strengths and powers.

Each group of adventurers rotated through eight different immersive activities, to spark their imaginations with ideas to write into their stories. Each group then came up with a shared story-line and setting, at a day-long writing workshop, and now each student will write their own character’s fantasy story about defeating the evil stalking the land.

After reading their accounts of the journey on a shared wiki, the Supreme Sorceress will summon the adventurers one last time as she rewards them for their resourcefulness and writing skills.

Read more about our Spring Hill Young Writers Workshop which has been operating now for six years.

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May the Fourth be With You!!

May the Fourth is the day when lovers of Star Wars around the world join together to celebrate this modern mythology, initiated from the original movies of the 70s and 80s and perpetuated through the decades since.  The timeless themes of heroes rising to stand against the forces of darkness, and the power of friendship and love to shape the world or redeem the fallen are common across all cultures and generations, providing common ground for fans worldwide, and reminding us that we are all connected.

Brisbane Grammar School embraced the fun last week, with trivia competitions across the school from grades 5 to 12 testing the boys’ general knowledge of these great movies.  To balance this intellectual endeavour, we added the thrill of droid races, where the remote control figures of Yoda, R2D2 and Darth Vader were pitted against one another time and again. By far the most popular race of the week was between Mr Conway (Head of Year 7), Ms Zervos (Head of Middle School) and Mr Hallis (Year 7 teacher).

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Escape to Everywhere!

Middle School boys took part in our annual Book Week celebrations last week. The Book Week Breakfast for parents and Years 5 and 6 boys was a sell out with author Oliver Phommavanh entertaining the crowd with stories of his journey as a writer. He also spoke to all Middle School boys during the day and proved a hit with his collection of toys and energetic and humorous presentations.

Parents and boys in Years 7 and 8 had the opportunity to attend a special evening event with local author Richard Yaxley who shared  how he is able to create the stories he does  and offered useful writing tips to our aspiring authors.

With the theme “Escape to Everywhere” classes took on the challenge of creating Read posters and drawing a scene from a book into which they would like to escape.

Lunchtime events ranged from trivia competitions to games days to watching the fantastic escape movie “Chicken Run” – with popcorn, of course!