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’10 Minute Raves’ #2 with legendary teacher Mr Ian Howlett

Surprised, amused and delighted were the group of boys who attended our second in the series of “Raves” from a legendary teacher. Ian began a rapid fire set of recommendations for good books to to read. He began with the “beach reads” style of authors who entertain with their works. From Grisham, Dan Brown and Matthew Reilly he moved on to a range of his favourite historical novelists such as Ellis Peters, Lindsay Davis, Patrick O’Brian, Liam Hearn and Laura Joh Rowland.

But as Grammar tradition demands, he kept the best till last. Launching into a history of his readings of Jane Austen, Mr Howlett challenged his audience to put off reading his favourite novel “Pride and Prejudice” until the time is right – perhaps during University, perhaps not – or possibly well after. His explanation for doing so was very well reasoned, but it probably has had the opposite effect. I’m sure everyone attending the talk could not wait to get their hands on a copy.