Daily Archives: October 14, 2016

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Need a book and the library is closed? Download an eBook.

I have become a regular reader of eBooks, they are great to read while I am having my lunch. Unlike paperback books I do not have to worry about trying to keep a book open or being careful not to spill anything on the pages. I am easily able to read during my lunch break and then continue reading the story on my iPad when I get home. I just login to my account and continue reading from where I had finished, with just a click of the mouse (or a touch of the iPad) whenever I need to turn the page.

I have recently read a series by Kevin Brooks called “Travis Delaney Investigates”. It is a great series that includes adventure, intrigue, spies and also portrays the importance of family and friends. I am not restricted to just the school eBooks, I can also borrow from the local Council Library for free. My current loan is another great book by Kevin Brooks called “iBoy”,  about Tom Harvey, an ordinary 16 year old boy until shards of an iphone become embedded in his brain. Could he really compare himself to Spiderman being bitten by a radioactive spider?

There are so many wonderful ways to be able to access books, reading paperbacks or eBooks or even listening to audiobooks, which are great when driving long distances.

By Bernadette van den Hout – Library Technician