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Year 6 Live Keying Task

The Library Digital Media Specialist Mr Russell enjoyed working with the Year 6 teachers and students in the last two weeks of the term, assisting them with their “live news reports” on natural disasters. Students worked in small groups to complete their reports and were introduced to many new ICT skills which will be of great use to them in the future when preparing multi-modal presentations.

The students created PowerPoints which contained all their background photos, graphs, diagrams and videos. They built upon their existing knowledge of PowerPoint, learning advanced skills such as playback settings to get their videos to embed, play full screen, loop and adjust the volume for recordings.  The boys were then able to change their background images and footage while they presented using a remote clicker linked to the computer.   They were also introduced to teleprompting and practised reading their scripts using this method before undertaking the live recordings in front of the live Chroma Key setup.

Each group was “live keyed” into their presentation, appearing in a news studio or in front of a blazing inferno or thunderous storm or whatever their script required. The learning experience for the boys was a big success, being fun and engaging. Many of the boys even chose to dress as reporters and news presenters for their presentations.  When the boys weren’t presenting they were able to watch their peers on screen live and learn about a different natural disaster from the one they had studied.  The completion of the assessed task saw excellent results.