Daily Archives: September 7, 2016

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Year 12 Quarantine

This week there has been a complete change of pace in the two top floors of The Lilley Centre as the Year 12 cohort sweated on last minute preparations for the upcoming examinations and assignment hand-ins. The younger year groups were relocated elsewhere to give the seniors exclusive use of the facility for four days.
David Carroll, Deputy Headmaster – Students, a regular visitor during the four-day Quarantine period, said of this year’s Seniors, “They are a wonderful year group and this was seen in how they used the quarantine period. The obvious connections between boys was evident in the collaborative way they prepared for this week’s examinations.”

Even though Quarantine put barriers in the way of Year 11 Chemistry students printing their massive Balloon assignments, it was not a real problem. Ben of Year 11 was impressed. “I’m really excited at the prospect of doing this next year.”

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Author Mick Elliott Visits BGS

Boys in Years 5 and 6 were treated to a special event on Friday last week. Sydney author Mick Elliott visited the school and was a most entertaining and enthusiastic presenter. Mick is the author of The Turners series, a rollicking tale of Leo Lennox who discovers that he is growing a tail right in the middle of the school library on his 13th birthday. He soon turns into a Komodo dragon and in so doing learns that he is a shape-shifter. The second book, Camp Freakout, is due to be released next week so our boys are privileged to be among its first purchasers and readers.

During the session, Mick shared his love of writing with the audience and gave some very useful tips for how to be good writer, including write about what you love, leave out the boring bits and read, read, read!


After school boys were eagerly beginning to read the book and begin their fantastically comic journey with Leo.