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‘Battle of the Bard’ event: The Learning Commons

During 2016, the whole world is celebrating the 400 years of Shakespearean drama and language permeating our lives. The Battle of the Bard was a lunchtime Rap event held in The Lilley Centre last week to ensure that we won’t forget Shakespeare’s love of life and the English language! Thanks to Ms MacDiarmid and Mr Newth from the Drama department, the TV game show began with Team Capulet and Team Montague withdrawing to plan their strategies.

To energise the crowd before the rap contest began, a trivia quiz with lolly rewards tested the crowd’s knowledge of Shakespeare’s life. Then the Teams returned: Capulet vs Montague, made up of Senior Drama students Harry, Kyle, Davis, Campbell, Michael, Gareth, Callum, Edward, Dougall and Ben.  With loud music and cheers from the Groundling audience, the show began.

battle of the bard 1

Both teams threw Shakespearean insults to each other in a rap dance style, each trying to out-do the insults of the person before and claim the trophy. With great gusto, the crowd roared and cast their vote. Congratulations to Team Capulet for impressing the audience more, and thanks to all players for a noisy, fun-filled lunchtime in the Learning Commons.