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Board Games and Pizza – an Irresistible Combination!

At the end of last term, the Library hosted the first Strategic Games Club board games and pizza evening of 2016. The proceedings began with a few games of Werewolf which, while not in the strictest sense a board game, is a club favourite and the perfect way to ramp up enthusiasm. Here are the rules – give it a try! http://www.brenbarn.net/werewolf/rules.html

Next, the boys broke up into smaller groups to play a few hands of Munchkin, a wild and crazy card game that draws laughter and cries of dismay in equal amounts as players face off against each other and a variety of ridiculous monsters.

After a short break for pizza, a group of us decided to explore a game called Betrayal at the House on the Hill, while the rest decided to try Last Night on Earth. Both of these games pit player against player in novel ways, whether by haunting a character until they go crazy and attack fellow characters, or by one player taking the part of zombies whose goal is to rid the board “living” characters.

These evenings are always great fun and allow club members to play favourite games that we would not usually have the time to complete on Strategic Games Club afternoons, giving everyone time to wind down with friends after a long, tough term.