Daily Archives: June 8, 2016

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Year 6 Squishy Circuits STEAM Activity

To complete their unit on Electricity this term, all of the Year 6 students visited the Centenary Library this week to participate in a ‘Squishy Circuits’ activity.  Run by our  Makerspace coordinator, Ms. Hunter, this activity helped to prepare students for their upcoming test, while incorporating STEAM elements into their unit.  The boys had lots of hands-on and creative fun while also learning-by-doing how circuits work.

Students were tasked with creating both a parallel and series circuit using only a battery pack, LEDs and play dough.  Once they were able to achieve this they were invited to make an artistic creation of their choosing using more LEDs, buzzers and motors.

The activity was very engaging, with students wanting to know where they could buy their own Squishy Circuit packs so they could continue experimenting at home.  Comments like ‘This is so much fun!’, ‘This is the best exercise ever!’ and ‘I really like this,’ were heard in every lesson.  It is evident from the success of this program how beneficial STEAM activities are to student learning. Allowing an Arts integration into the activity helped the students to solve creative problems in a fun and engaging way.