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Star Wars Droid Races

A big part of the Star Wars celebrations in the Senior Library was “Droid Racing”.  Banned in several countries due to the immense pressure placed on the droids’ circuit boards, droid racing is a sport that guarantees thrills and oil spills.  At Brisbane Grammar the best of the best droid operators were drawn to the dark side and competed with little regard for the well being of their droids, all keen to see their name atop the leader board, gaining prestige and power in the senate. Several Jedi operators at the event were suspected of having used “the force” to push over or slow other competing droids.  One Jedi also made illegal alterations to his droid, but evaded the mandatory inspections by saying that his was ‘not the droid you are looking for.’

The event was a huge success: the boys came in huge numbers, filling the Learning Commons to see the droids in action.  To see the full post on the Star Wars events have a look at our earlier post: Star Wars Week in the Library

A big thanks to year 8 student Seneth for creating this video of the droid race event!