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Star Wars Week in the Library

Coinciding with international Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, the Grammar community embraced the inaugural Star Wars Extravaganza with gusto.  Crowds gathered to witness blood spilled in the Trivia arena, involving eight teams guided by quizmaster Stella Gardner, and won by the team of Jedi aptly named ‘I Hate Sand’.  On Friday, the spectators vied for standing room to watch competitors sent Darth Vader, Yoda and R2-D2 careening down the learning commons in race after race.  BB-8 showed agility and perseverance as it darted around an obstacle course.  Eventually Yoda & Xavier Redmond emerged victorious in the sprints, as did Davis Dingle, deftly guiding BB-8 through the maze. The whole event was compered by the energetic Luke Venables.


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How to Write a Professional Resume

At lunchtime today, 25 students attended a workshop in the eXchange to gain tips and insights on how to write a professional resume.  Many boys are now either ready to write a resume or ready to update their resume, so this information was very timely for them, with students commenting, “Your talk was really informative today and I found it really useful”, and “The session yesterday was excellent and it enlightened me a lot.”

This session covered two aspects – how to market yourself to the best advantage and how to design your resume so it looks professional – and was run by our Design and Tech Assistant, Ms Liane Barker-Martin. She has had extensive experience in the past designing marketing and promotional materials for companies and businesses, and the boys found her session both informative and valuable.

One of the key take-aways for the boys was to understand better how to tell the story of themselves to a prospective employer in both the introduction section of their resume and in their cover letter.  According to Carmine Gallo, author of The Storyteller’s Secret:

“In the next 10 years the ability to tell your story persuasively will be decisive – the single greatest skill – in helping you accomplish your dreams. Since the next decade marks the greatest promise civilisation has ever known, the story you tell yourself and the story you share with others will unlock your potential and, quite possibly, change the world.” (2016, p.7)

Our boys are now better empowered to go away and work on telling their stories.

How to Write a Resume