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Book Week – Australia: Story Country

Last week the Middle School celebrated Book Week, and it was very satisfying to see our school community coming together to enjoy events which promote reading and the enjoyment of literature.


On Wednesday night 90 boys and their parents attended  An Evening with….Will Kostakis  in the Lilley Centre. Passionate about writing from an early age, Will wrote stories all through high school, landing his first publishing contract at 17 years of age and proving that if you have a dream, it can come true. His presentation focused on drawing inspiration from his own life for his writing as well as providing many laughs as he shared stories of  beloved Greek grandmother and the confusion that can arise across generations, especially when there are language differences.

His writing tips for the boys:

  • Writing a story is like solving a problem – take your own real-life stories and ask ‘What if this had happened instead?’
  • To write real emotion, find out what your character’s biggest fear is and then make then confront it.

The Book Week Breakfast on Friday was a sell-out, with author Jack Heath sharing parts of his latest book with the audience as well as talking about his life as an author. His writing career also began in high school, and he is now a prolific author, having published     books in the past 18 months. Jack spoke most engagingly with all the Middle School boys in year level presentations later in the day, and his books have since walked off the shelves in the Middle and Centenary Libraries.

His writing tips for the boys:

  • Ideas and stories are all around us. Creativity and imagination thrive in boredom, therefore make sure you allow periods of shutting out information so you have nothing to do but think.
  • Don’t worry about writers block – just get in and start writing. The difference between a job and a hobby is that you get on and do the job even if you don’t have inspiration.

Amongst other activities during the week, the Amazing Race was a highlight for boys as they completed individual and group challenges, all related to the Book Week theme,  Australia: Story Country. These included The Real Thong (a thong throwing contest), Say What? (an Australian poetry challenge) and Bushranger Bash, where the boys had to dress like a bushranger and gallop around the oval on a hobby horse.

Overall, the week was a great success, reflecting and reinforcing the strong culture of reading that we have in the school.