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Centenary Library’s ‘Eventful’ Week

Centenary Library was abuzz this past week with not one, not two but three events taking place.  The excitement began on Monday, otherwise know as ‘Leap Day’ throughout the world.  The date, February 29th, only occurs once every four years and the Library commemorated the day with a table full of fun facts, resolutions and puzzles.  For those who were creative with paper there were even instructions on how to make your own leaping frog.  Students who undertook this challenge then received a lolly snake to use as a tongue (and possibly eat later).

Wednesday found Centenary Library celebrating yet another important day on the literary calendar: that of the birth of everyone’s favourite childhood author and cartoonist, Dr. Seuss.  Grumpy Cat even got in on the act, wearing his very own ‘Cat in the Hat’ hat.  During Wednesday’s lunch break, boys were invited to play the very inventive game of ‘Toss the hat on Grumpy Cat’.  It became quite an intense nail biting competition as hats landed close to but not quite on Grumpy Cat’s head.  Those closest received a chocolate for their achievement. The screens inside featured clips from the various Dr. Seuss films, and even Justin Bieber reading ‘Cat in the Hat,’ which received a lot of attention.

The week culminated in the first session of Centenary Library Legends for 2016, with Assistant Head of Year, Ms McDonald visiting the Library to discuss with the boys her love of reading and books.  Students flooded in and gathered in a corner of the Library to hear one of their teachers talk in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  Ms  McDonald had come prepared with a slide show and a collection of wonderful books she has acquired.  Her love of the written word, especially the series ‘Harry Potter’ was infectious.  The session ended with students suggesting more books Ms McDonald should add to her ‘to read’ list.  It was great to see the library alive with such passion for books and reading with students sharing recommendations with each other.  Thank you to Ms McDonald for all the effort she went to in preparing for the session, and for sharing with us what it is like to have such a great relationship with reading.

A big thank you also goes to all who participated in one or all of the events, without which these exciting days would not exist.  Signing off with a wonderful quote from our birthday boy, Dr. Seuss: ‘The more that your read, the more things you will know; the more that you learn, the more places you will go.’.