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Centenary Library Orientation

This week each Year 7 class has visited the Centenary Library to take part in an orientation scavenger hunt.  The program was organised by the Library staff to welcome the Year 7 students to their new Library space for the next two years.  As the students entered they were divided into teams of five with each group given a basket, an instruction sheet made up of QR codes, an answer sheet, an iPad and a laptop.  Each group then had to find a fiction book, a non-fiction book, a magazine and an eBook related to a particular period of history (Pre-History, Ancient Worlds, Medieval Times, Australian History, The Wars, Post-War Era) and answer questions using the internet and iPad apps.

This activity proved very successful with all students engaging in the tasks they were given and working together as a team to answer the questions correctly in the hope of winning the coveted block of chocolate.  Students were also shown some of the fun activities the library has to offer and given a parting gift of a pen and bookmark of their choosing to hopefully use in the many books they borrow this year.  A big thanks goes to Ms Hunter for all her work in creating such a fun an exciting program again this year and the Centenary Library looks forward to seeing the boys back in the Library for many times to come.