Daily Archives: August 6, 2015

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Centenary Library Rubik’s Competition!


Centenary Library has been taken over by the Rubik’s craze!  Recently the library purchased two Rubik’s triangles that have become very popular with the students. There is never an available triangle left on the bench as the boys are busy working away trying to learn the technique to solving them.  On Wednesday at lunch the Centenary Library held a tournament to see who would be crowned the ‘Centenary Library Rubik’s Champion’.  The event was very popular, filling the library with spectators and the 16 competitors.  There were some very fast movers in the challenger rounds and it came down to a nail biting finish with only a second difference in completion time. The winner received some chocolates as a prize and the knowledge that they were the fastest in the library.  Those in the competition showed great sportsmanship as they were cheered on by their peers.  It was a very exciting lunchtime activity that all could enjoy.  Congratulations to the finalists and good luck next time.

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Year 8 English Classes Engage with Flipgrid

Library lessons for Year 8 classes have been great fun over the last two weeks with boys creating a short video clip in which they recommend a book to their peers. In order for this to occur, students have been reading, planning, practising and recording their presentations. There is a limit of 90 seconds per clip so boys need to think carefully about what information to share. The tool for this is Flipgrid. Each class has been given access to a unique platform where they can record their own recommendations..  Each class has a secure log in so people outside of the school are unable to view the clips. Parents can view these videos by using the same log in as their son. It has been a great activity with lots of energy during the creative process.