Daily Archives: August 3, 2015

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The Lunchbox Club has grown!

The Lunchbox Club that offers Year 7 and 8 boys an opportunity to explore, create, share and ‘make things’ in a Maker Space learning environment has had a successful start to the year.

A single lunchtime no longer seems long enough for our bigger projects! So we have introduced an Extension Lunchbox lunchtime of activity on Tuesdays this term. New comers are also welcome to join us.

Last week we began the first major project: exploring Stop Motion animation. In true Maker Space philosophy, the boys can focus on a single aspect of the process, or create a complete movie. There will be character plasticine modellers, diorama studio builders, LEGO experts, and storytellers working together in a variety of ways.

The boys are using a variety of equipment. There are tripods and small cameras, iPads and a variety of Apps to explore, and software to master for a finished project.

Next week, we are excited to invite Mr Sam Russell, Digital Media Specialist, to assist us on understanding the differences between this form of storytelling and simply ‘making a video’.