Daily Archives: July 27, 2015

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The Great Book Swap

As part of our Middle School Book Week celebrations, the Year 7 Service Committee at Brisbane Grammar School again supported the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in its massive effort to provide books and literacy resources to remote Indigenous communities, and raise community awareness of Indigenous literacy issues. We ran a Great Book Swap, where students had the opportunity to swap their pre-loved books for a donation of $2 per book. We are delighted to announce that this year we raised $969, making 2015 one of our most successful years to date in supporting this very important cause.

Taking part in the Great Book Swap has again helped our students to understand how important it is for our First Australians to have access to quality reading and writing materials, regardless of where they live and how remote their communities may be. As city-dwellers, we often take for granted the enormous number of literacy resources which are easily available to us, and fail to recognise that not all communities have such access to books. Well done and thank you to all students who donated and bought books on the day, as well the Service Committee members who assisted in collecting and selling the books.

Brisbane Grammar School looks forward to supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation for many years to come.

(This article was written by Year 5 teacher and Service Committee Coordinator, Mr Justin Shears, for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation website).