Daily Archives: July 14, 2015

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BGS Library on show in Maastricht

During the recent school holiday break, our Director of Information Services, Cathy Oxley, and our Teaching and Learning Librarian, Debbie Hunter, put BGS Library on the world map when they presented two sessions at the International Association of School Libraries Conference, in Maastricht, Netherlands, on some of the wonderful activities happening in our libraries.

Cathy spoke about the collaborative, immersive fantasy-writing workshop held earlier this year between four neighbouring Spring Hill schools, (https://springhillyoungwriters.wordpress.com)

while Debbie spoke about our 7/8 Library maker space, The Lunchbox Club, and how it is clearly aligned to and supportive of curriculum initiatives at the School. This club is continually evolving, and there is no doubt that it has a very positive influence on our boys’ learning experiences. (http://libguides.brisbanegrammar.com/lunchboxclub and http://lunchboxclub.bgslibraryblog.org/)