Daily Archives: May 11, 2015

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Year 8 Form Senior ‘READ’ Posters

Over the past few weeks the Year 8 Form Seniors have been making their way to the Centenary Library to be photographed by Mr Russell with one of their favourite books from when they were in Year 8.  These photos have then been transformed by Mr Russell into fantastic, eye-catching ‘READ’ posters which will be displayed around the walls of our 7/8 Library, with another copy sent to each of their Year 8 classrooms.

As well as looking awesome, these posters are a wonderful way to promote reading amongst the Year 8s, as the older boys model what great reading choices look like. Hopefully, these will also stimulate conversations about the value of books and reading throughout school and into their future lives. In the next few weeks, students and staff can also look forward to the Year 7 Form Seniors’ favourite books as they, too, pose for their ‘READ’ posters.