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Sharing stories from your community: the power of shared global information

When the Queensland State Library approached the BGS library team and invited us to be part of their new project World War I: Memories for a new Generation for a Historypin World project, we were excited to join. Our task was to develop a dedicated BGS Historypin project for the Q ANZAC 100 hub that would tell the stories of a small selection of our Old Boys who were lost in the Great War. Like any collaborative project, we sought the advice from our BGS experts. With the generous assistance of Chris Price, Head of History and Dr. Alan Barrie, we were allowed access to five selected Old Boys’ stories to share with the world in this way.

The project was closely coordinated between the State Library and BGS Teacher Librarian, Debbie Hunter, through meetings and online collaboration.  The BGS project: “They gave their best, their lives, their all” aimed to capture and represent the extraordinary youth and energy of our Old Boys in their willingness to sacrifice ‘their all’ for their country.

View the Q ANZAC 100 project here: https://www.historypin.org/en/explore/first-world-war-centenary/memories-for-a-new-generation/

View our BGS Historypin page here: https://www.historypin.org/en/explore/first-world-war-centenary/memories-for-a-new-generation/they-gave-their-best-their-lives-their-all/paging/1

Historypin is a web based program that allows anyone to tell their digital story in pictures and maps. Its real value comes, however, when these ‘pins’ are then made available for a global audience to view, or to add comments and depth to the original story.

The First World War Centenary hub can be viewed on the Historypin Home page.