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Christmas in the BGS Libraries

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas season the BGS libraries have been running various activities for students to participate in and enjoy as decorations.  As the Senior Library looks forward to a big change of layout next year a lot of the older books have been removed from the shelves.  Many of these books will be donated to charities but before that happens they have been used for one last display.  Throughout the week, library staff and students constructed a Christmas tree out of some of these to sit at the front of the Senior Library.  After it was decorated year 9 students have been placing food and drink products beside it for their form class food hampers, run by the Service Committee.  Other books were placed under a second tree in the library as as special Christmas treat to students to take home for free.  This tree was often crowded with students browsing the books on offer, many times with boys taking whole handfuls home.

In the Middle School the ‘Inside Story’ book club have been recycling old books by turning them into Christmas trees, angels and hanging decorations which have been taken home or displayed in the Centenary Library.   Some of the year 8 students have also been using a collection of these books for their signature program activity ‘The Changemakers Shop’ which has required them to upcycle unwanted items, with some wonderful creations being made as a result.  From all the staff in the BGS Libraries we wish you a safe and happy Christmas break.

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Year 8 Poetry Slam

Last week the English Department and the Library joined forces to run the inaugural BGS Poetry Slam competition. All of the Year 8 students were involved, with the competition being the final event in their poetry unit. After initially listening to Josh Donellan, Queensland’s 2015 Slam Poetry Champion, all boys in the year level wrote their own poems and then selected two boys to perform on the day. Additionally, each class chose a student to judge alongside two of our Senior English teachers.

The whole event was a lot of fun, with boys performing to a packed lunchtime audience, a challenge in itself. In fact, it was so successful that the Year 11 boys have now asked for their own Poetry Slam in 2016!



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Mad Hatters Tea Party

During lunchtimes last Wednesday and Thursday, the Centenary Library hosted a ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ in celebration of 150 years of Alice in Wonderland.  Years 5 to 8 were invited to the event which was organised and run by the Centenary Library ‘Inside Story’ book club boys.  A variety of food was sold including cupcakes, cookies, pies, sausage rolls and soft drinks.  Students also had the opportunity to make their own ‘Teacup Cookies’ and ‘Cheshire Cat Tails’.  Mad Hatter  inspired activities were available to participate in, with a giant chess board taking up much of  the floor space in the middle of the library.  There were also flamingo croquet and giant card games occurring throughout the ‘madness’ of the tea party.


This event, while a lot of fun, was also held with the hope of raising money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation; this was achieved with a total of $450 being collected over the two day event.  The Centenary Library would like to thank all the students who helped with the serving of food and running of activities and an extra big thank you to all those who visited during their lunch breaks to join our tea party.

Curiouser and curiouser!

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‘Stories from the Inside’ with Mr Kruger

During Thursday at lunchtime all Middle School students were treated to a extra special guest presentation.  Every term the ‘Inside Story Book Club’ invites a BGS staff member in to talk a bit about their favourite stories or an exciting activity from their past. This always proves to be a popular lunchtime session in the Centenary Library and this term was no exception.  Mr Kruger visited to talk to the students about is past as a state level cricket player.  Those lucky students who attended also got the opportunity to take home some cricketing memorabilia from Mr Kruger’s collection. Not only was the talk very interesting and engaging for the students, they got to learn a little about one of their teachers life before he came to Brisbane Grammar. Mr Kruger left the students with a few words of wisdom that he has learnt throughout his life. The following of which is listed below:

 It’s important to me that when each of you leave to day you take with you one or two things to remember in the years ahead as you tackle school and transitioning into adulthood.

These are just a few key points that I have learned during my years that are really important to me:

  • Make good memories
  • Surround yourself with good friends and role models
  • Talk – Silence is the enemy
  • Celebrate your success
  • Taking calculated risks and the opportunities that come with them
  • It is just a game! One phase of your life – what’s next??

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Leaders are Readers- Our School Captains

This year our School Captains had a lot of fun having their photos taken with some of their favourite books. Each year we photograph the Captains reading and create a canvas of them for our ‘Captains’ Wall of Fame’. This sends a subtle message to the boys that those at the top, their leaders, are also readers.

“Not all readers become leaders, but all leaders must be readers.” Harry S. Truman.

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ABC ‘On the Road’ Book Club

Last week a group of Year 10-12 boys from three of our book clubs – Apollo, Aficionados and Gilgamesh Society – had the privilege of travelling to Toowoomba to be in the audience for the live filming of  the ABC television show ‘The Book Club’.  This was part of  ‘ABC On The Road’, an initiative focusing attention on the unique advantages and challenges facing people living in country Queensland.

Jennifer Byrne hosted the show, along with regular panellists Marieke Hardy and Jason Steger; the panel also included critically acclaimed journalist Matthew Condon, author of a series of books about political corruption in Queensland, and playwright and author Hannie Rayson. Discussion centered around Charlotte Wood’s new novel The Natural Way of Things, and Sebastian Faulk’s “vintage future classic”, Birdsong.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were lucky enough to chat to Jennifer Byrne afterwards.

book club

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Middle School Book Fair

During the past three days the Middle School Library (located above MS reception) has been hosting a book fair. This event was supported by Dymocks Brisbane who delivered all sorts of books and fun items to the School. Students have been able to browse and make purchases should they wish. The latest releases, plus some old favourites, have been available. While the bulk of items are aimed at our Middle School boys there were also items suitable for other people and this was used as a great opportunity for some early Christmas shopping. Boys were able to shop during the day and parents were welcome to come before school or after school. The school received 30% of all sales which we will use to purchase new books for our libraries. Some very happy students and staff were seen exiting the Middle School Library with some wonderful purchases.


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Visiting Poet for Year 5

This week the Year 5 students were treated to a performance by visiting poet Marco Gliori in the Middle School Library. This event was a special introduction to the poetry unit they will be doing this term in English.  Marco has been to the school many times and this most recent performance did not fail to impress. He has a great repertoire of his own poems many of which require audience involvement. He also created poems on the spot for the boys which they thoroughly enjoyed. A number of boys were involved in acting out The Man from Ironbark which was very entertaining and highlighted the importance of bringing poetry to life by speaking it out loud or acting it out, not simply reading it from the page. The boys left eager to begin their own poetry journeys.


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The Strategic Games Club

“At strategic games club we play many games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Munchkin. We always come as it is a good place to relax and socialise with others. Most games are accepted. Everyone should come as it is a great club.”

– Nadeesh, Club Member

This year the members of the Strategic Games Club have enjoyed a wide variety of activities ranging from fierce Yugi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering card battles to desperate struggles with hordes of zombies in games such as The Last Night On Earth and The Walking Dead. Let’s not forget our players outwitting and outfighting cunning villains and terrible monsters from myth and legend in Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons.

Students from years 7-12 are welcome at our weekly club meetings in the Lilly Centre, 3:10pm – 5:00pm, held every Tuesday afternoon.

David Hills.

MIC Strategic Games Club.



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GLOW Design15

The Lilley Centre’s learning commons have been filled with some fantastic creations for the past two weeks for Brisbane Grammar School’s annual Design and Technology Showcase ‘GLOW Design15’.   The showcase will run until Friday 16 October and focuses on BGS students’ ability to create, innovate, invent and problem solve.  It also celebrates the original thinker, the tinkerer, the doer, the gadget maker, the ideas man and the dreamer.  Called GLOW, the theme derives from when a young designer captures that ‘aha’ moment of pure creativity, where two things happen. The first is a twinkling in the eyes that something special has connected in their brains, followed by the overall exuberance or elation that reflects their physical energy.  This is called the designers ‘glow’.  The BGS Design and Technology Department showcases Year 12 students’ work in an annual exhibition, providing them with an opportunity to share their designs with the community and be able to reflect, enact, produce and be reinspired.  Make time to visit GLOW and be amazed by some of the innovative designs, during school hours until 16 October.
Article taken from the BGS News page.