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’10 Minute Raves’ with legendary teacher Mr Wayne Zeller

I never knew that there was a nursery rhyme “One flew East, one flew West, one flew over the Cuckoo’s nest”, but Mr Zeller does that when he is talking about books – always shining a light on some aspect of a novel we did not expect. From Kesey and Heller, he took us on

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‘Inside Story’ hosts a shared Book Club

Thursday afternoon saw the final joint book club meeting between BGS and St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace (Terrace) for 2016.  The Years 7 and 8 book club ‘Inside Story’ played host for the second time to the Terrace book club equivalent.  For the past three terms the two schools have met one Thursday afternoon a

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A Celebration of Harry Potter

The November opening of the movie Fantastic Bests and Where to Find Them provided a perfect excuse to unleash Pottermania on the Middle School. Already boys have entered trivia contests across the two libraries and also made howlers which they were able to take home. Next week sees the Magician Contest which will take place

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Need a book and the library is closed? Download an eBook.

I have become a regular reader of eBooks, they are great to read while I am having my lunch. Unlike paperback books I do not have to worry about trying to keep a book open or being careful not to spill anything on the pages. I am easily able to read during my lunch break

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Marco Gliori Visit

Poet Marco Gliori held the Year 5 boys enthralled as they watched him perform poems in the Middle School Library last week. Marco has been to BGS many times and is always a popular guest. As part of the English program, the boys are learning about poetry and meeting and hearing a poet was a unique

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Year 6 Live Keying Task

The Library Digital Media Specialist Mr Russell enjoyed working with the Year 6 teachers and students in the last two weeks of the term, assisting them with their “live news reports” on natural disasters. Students worked in small groups to complete their reports and were introduced to many new ICT skills which will be of

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