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Poetry Slam 2

Year 8 Poetry Slam

Tuesday lunchtime this week saw a flurry of activity and a buzz of anticipation in the Forum as Year 8 boys streamed in for our second annual Year 8 Poetry Slam. As part of their English classwork, each of the boys had to write a slam poem in class then, as a class, they voted

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Library Monitors Celebrate the End of the Year

A large group of dedicated students have been working in the Middle School Library all year to assist with the day-to-day activities of the Library. Boys in Years 5 and 6 sign up at the start of each term and receive one time slot a week which they eagerly attend. Jobs include loaning and returning

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Snitch and Broomstick Races in the Learning Commons

Last Friday three teams of teachers pitted their skill and speed against the boys in in our inaugural Snitch and Broomstick Races in the Learning Commons. Teams of two had to start at the Forum end and put on a gown, hat and tie, then ride a broomstick to the Library doors while carrying a

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Superbugs at the Olympics

A World without Antibiotics – Is this our Future?

Did you know: that scientists have not discovered any new antibiotics for the past 30 years? that multidrug-resistant bacteria (superbugs) kill more than 9,000 Australians each year? that by 2030, more than 16,000 people will die each year — that’s more than 300 each week!! Bringing this frightening future much closer to home, superbug-infested

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Para-cord Craft and Compass Creation

As a steam activity with a survival theme I decided to run several Friday afternoon sessions teaching students some basic survival hacks.  The sessions gave students the opportunity to experiment with both a para-cord craft and compass making.   Para-cord (short for parachute cord) is a light, durable and incredibly strong rope which is very useful

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’10 Minute Raves’ #2 with legendary teacher Mr Ian Howlett

Surprised, amused and delighted were the group of boys who attended our second in the series of “Raves” from a legendary teacher. Ian began a rapid fire set of recommendations for good books to to read. He began with the “beach reads” style of authors who entertain with their works. From Grisham, Dan Brown and

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