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Lunch Bunch Term 2

This term, our small but enthusiastic group of Lunch Bunch students met weekly to read some interesting books. The first was Loki’s Wolves by K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr. This proved to be a big hit with the fans of Percy Jackson who love the combination of mythology and action. The boys explored the world of Viking

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Year 6 Squishy Circuits in the Centenary Library

This week the Centenary Library Staff – Ms Dani Smith Teacher Librarian, David Hills Library Technician and Mr Brendan Kelly – Digital Media Officer, provided a great STEAM experience for the year six students through an encounter with “Squishy circuits”. All year six classes were treated to this as part of their science program. Squishy

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Epic Adventures in the Land of Remorse

Last week, eight of our Year 7 boys were involved in a collaborative writing workshop with Year 7 students from three other schools. Together, they were tasked by the Supreme Sorceress (aka author Kirilee Barker), to embark upon a perilous quest in the Land of Remorse (aka The Roma Street Parklands) to defeat a monstrous evil which had

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May the Fourth be With You!!

May the Fourth is the day when lovers of Star Wars around the world join together to celebrate this modern mythology, initiated from the original movies of the 70s and 80s and perpetuated through the decades since.  The timeless themes of heroes rising to stand against the forces of darkness, and the power of friendship

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Escape to Everywhere!

Middle School boys took part in our annual Book Week celebrations last week. The Book Week Breakfast for parents and Years 5 and 6 boys was a sell out with author Oliver Phommavanh entertaining the crowd with stories of his journey as a writer. He also spoke to all Middle School boys during the day

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‘Send us a Postcard’ Photo Competition

During Term 1 our  Annual Photo Competition has been on display in The Lilley Centre Learning Commons. Themed this year as ‘Send us a Postcard’ it was intended, as always, to be an opportunity for the boys and staff across the school to share their photo story talents in one combined display. This year added

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