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Droid Races

It was Darth Vader vs Yoda in the Middle School Library as students took sides for a lunchtime of racing. With a heightened sense of anticipation, the boys assembled behind their Star Wars characters. The race was on to see if good could defeat evil. The racing proved to be fairly even with both Darth

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Squishy Scientists

Last week during their visits to the Centenary Library the year six student’s scientific minds were challenged into making Squishy Circuits. Our budding scientist used power packs, playdough, laminating strips, fans, buzzers and LED lights  to create not only working circuits but also some wonderful creations. Students learnt the difference between a series and a parallel circuit

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Senior Bookclub

Talking about books and eating snacks – is there a better way to spend a Friday afternoon? Our Senior Bookclub doesn’t think so! During our last meeting we discussed how an extensive range of YA books has been written about catastrophic events, including virus pandemics, as well as teenagers surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. In

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2020 Photography Competition

On Friday the winners of the annual Photography Competition were announced. With so many outstanding submissions it was a very difficult decision for the judges. Congratulations the three winning entries! Middle School Winner: Arnav Japan’s Culture – I have chosen this picture because it shows Japan’s people and it’s culture. In Japanese culture the lamp symbolises

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Libraries for Vanuatu

Knowing what to do with books from a down-sized collection is always a challenging conundrum. However, there are a number of organisations willing to take donations and sort them to stock libraries in developing countries. After earlier donating trailer loads of metal library shelving, this morning we were able to donate over 200 boxes of books to The Library

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