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science week 11

Middle School Science Week 2016

The Library staff joined forces with the Science Department to celebrate Science Week last week. In a very busy schedule, boys and staff took time out to play with and reflect on the use of Technology in STEM, in particular autonomous technology with the theme being Drones, Droids and Robots. Middle School boys were the main

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olympics 4

Olympic fever hits the Middle School Libraries!

In celebration of the upcoming Rio 2016 Games both Middle School Libraries have been running a series of Olympic themed activities in the past few weeks. The first week of Term 3 saw the Centenary Library students harnessing their creative skills to make a olive wreath for their heads.  These came in all shapes and

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Visitors from QUT experience BGS Emerging Technologies programs

Today we have had an opportunity to share Brisbane Grammar’s progress with Emerging Technologies with QUT Primary training teachers. The group of 40 students were keen to experience hands on, and see the boys enjoying new technologies, and had travelled from as far as Caboolture campus and overseas campuses to join us. Tara Richmond, Acting HOD

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‘Battle of the Bard’ event: The Learning Commons

During 2016, the whole world is celebrating the 400 years of Shakespearean drama and language permeating our lives. The Battle of the Bard was a lunchtime Rap event held in The Lilley Centre last week to ensure that we won’t forget Shakespeare’s love of life and the English language! Thanks to Ms MacDiarmid and Mr Newth from the

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Skyping with author Henry Neff

  On Wednesday during morning tea the Yrs 5 & 6 along with the Yrs 7 & 8 Book Clubs were treated to a Skype call to author Henry Neff, the creator of ‘The Tapestry‘ series.  All students who attended had read at least the first book in the series, ‘The Hound of Rowan’ and

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Strategic Games Club

Board Games and Pizza – an Irresistible Combination!

At the end of last term, the Library hosted the first Strategic Games Club board games and pizza evening of 2016. The proceedings began with a few games of Werewolf which, while not in the strictest sense a board game, is a club favourite and the perfect way to ramp up enthusiasm. Here are the

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